NEW Event Confidence Keynote: Grace Killelia

The Networking for Executive Women hosted an event at Bentley to further the careers of executive women in the Boston area through networking opportunities, keynote speakers, presentations, and much more. One of the keynote speakers was Grace Killelia, a national speaker and author of The Confidence Effect, who spoke about overcoming fear and achieving confidence.... Continue Reading →


LGBTQ Benchmarking Event

This event was presented by Andrew Glanton, a fellow Bentley student involved in PRIDE and the Equity Center on campus. The benchmarking event discussed the current status of Bentley's LGBTQ resources. The exploration of our own resources was then compared to our surrounding competitors such as Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, University of Connecticut and... Continue Reading →

Mentor Circle with David Cawley

David Cawley, an Assurance Senior Manager at PWC in the firm's Health Industries practice took the time to share his career advice with the fellows. With lots of experience with life sciences and technology companies, he has really made an impact on the industry and learned a lot along the way. Throughout the mentor circle he... Continue Reading →

Equity Center Open Forum

This Equity Center Open Forum topic was on the representation of gender non-binary folks on television. Since television is one of the biggest forms of media today, it can have a large influence on many critical topics we discuss throughout the fellowship. With the increase rise in LGBTQ initiatives, television is now matching this new... Continue Reading →

Liberty Mutual Corporate Visit

Fellows visited Liberty Mutual Insurance, a company that prides themselves on helping "people preserve and protect what they earn, build, own, and cherish" to serve their customers best. Through a panel discussion with three female employees, a tour of the Boston office, and time for open questions and answers, fellows were able to hear more about... Continue Reading →

Conversation Cafe

Conversation Cafe is a part of the Bentley Brave initiative, a group that focuses on creating "an environment on campus where open, honest, and direct conversation occurs often within and among various groups in a variety of settings". Through active listening to other perspectives and sharing of personal stories, students, staff, and faculty were able... Continue Reading →

Bentley Women’s Network – Confidence Conference

Networking is key to becoming a successful business student. Having connections within industries and at a variety of companies can help any student of any interest progress their career trajectory. Bentley Women's Network hosted a networking event for students to get a chance to meet professionals in the corporate world. Through conversations and group discussion,... Continue Reading →

Intergroup Dialogue

The Intergroup Dialogue session this year brought a handful of students together to have an open discussion about a variety of critical topics. Discussing critical topics can sometimes feel taboo and uncomfortable. Often times our society glosses over these issues and discourages conversation about them. This two-day event goal was to encourage these hard conversations... Continue Reading →

Equity Center Forum

While the feminist movement has now just recently been getting a lot of attention the past few decades, the history of it all dates back a lot further. Through relentless men and women and their drive to promote and educate others on the topic of feminism, this movement and mindset has come to the forefront... Continue Reading →

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