PWC Corporate Visit

Our first corporate visit was this past Friday where fellows and members of the CWB leadership program visited PricewaterhouseCoopers in Boston. This day was focused on learning more about what PWC has to offer in terms of their internships, business lines, company culture, organizational structure, and more. After a panel discussion from 4 PWC employees... Continue Reading →


Perspective Event

This event held by Men of Alliance and SAGE offered an interactive approach to talking about different perspectives. With a partner of a different identity you were assigned to talk about a few different scenarios and share your individual perspective on each. Nearly all of the instances were derived from actual happenings on Bentley campus.... Continue Reading →

The Year We Thought About Love: A Film

True Colors, a Boston theater group, presented the film “The Year We Thought About Love” in Wilder Pavilion which was held by the Bentley Library, Residential Center, Equity Center, SP&E, and Multicultural Center in an effort to raise awareness of gender policies in our modern day education system. The film focused on the LGBTQ youth... Continue Reading →

Ain’t I A Woman: A Conversation with Laverne Cox

Emmy nominated actress Laverne Cox presented in the Bentley Arena “Ain’t I A Woman: A Conversation with Laverne Cox”. This engaging, funny, and insightful presentation gave Bentley students, staff, and faculty an in depth perspective on the importance of transgender rights and gender identity. Through sharing childhood and adult experiences, she vulnerably opened up to... Continue Reading →

Unconscious Bias Roundtable

Yesterday's CWB event was focused on one of the most researched and popular critical topics, Unconscious Bias.  Through our discussion and IAT test we found out that everyone has some what of an unconscious bias whether it is influenced from their upbringing, culture, environment or other factors. We also focused on the micro-inequalities within our... Continue Reading →

Men as Allies Roundtable

Yesterday’s Man as Allies Roundtable discussion was full of thought provoking discussion about what is an ally and how to become one. The definition of an ally is subjective but nonetheless it is one that stands with another advocating for a cause. Through our discussion it is obvious that allies are necessary for countless reasons... Continue Reading →

Wade Davis Title IX

Wade Davis, an American baseball pitcher in the MLB, came to Bentley University to talk to students about Title IX. He turned typically taboo or awkward topics into interesting ones that were easy to talk about through incorporating roleplay and participation from the audience. He made the entire presentation interactive and fun while still talking... Continue Reading →

Dresses to Dreams

Dresses to Dreams, an annual event held by HerCampus, is dedicated to providing underprivileged girls prom dresses that make them feel beautiful inside and out. The day was centered around empowering young women through leadership workshops and mingling with other Bentley women. The day was full of pure happiness and it really showed on each... Continue Reading →

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