Recap of the Dynamic Women in Business Conference


Attending Harvard’s Dynamic Women in Business Conference was such an eye opening experience. Most of the Fellows went into the event thinking the day was going to be extremely long, but much to our surprise the day flew by! We had the opportunity to gain insights from some of the industries most powerful leaders. In order to celebrate the conference’s 25-year history, they focused on how much the workforce has changed but also how we can make incremental changes today to ensure continued long-term progress.  “Shaping the Next 25” allowed the participants to reflect upon topics that move beyond viewing these challenges as solely women’s issues.

The panelists and keynote speakers alternated throughout the day, which gave everyone a personalized experience. Having the event tailored to each individual’s interests was the best way to maintain a positive energy. The keynote speaker, Tracey Britt Cool, seemed to be the crowd favorite among the Fellows. While Tracey downplayed much of her talents, almost blaming them on luck, she was extremely easy to relate to. Her personality captivated the audience and her anecdotes were thoughtful and inspiring. The panels and keynotes alike encouraged each person to be their authentic self. This was reflected in the wide variety of panels that were hosted throughout the day.

All of the Fellows attended different panels, but after reflecting on our experiences we all learned that the message being presented resonated with us. There was one critical issue that many of us noticed, which was the lack of men in attendance. By encouraging men to attend the conference, we can show that advancing women is really advancing men and companies.

Overall, the conference seemed to be a hit with all of the Fellows. Each participant agreed that there is a wealth of information present and that having the ability to utilize the advice given is a remarkable experience. We can only hope that next year a greater amount of Fellows will take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Thank you,

Katie Hughes



Caitlyn Truong’s Insightful Mentoring Session


Caitlyn Truong and Fellows.JPG

Caitlyn Truong’s presence, career success, and personality had a lasting effect on my Fellows and me. When describing her perspectives in the consulting workplace, she approached every topic with candor. Naturally, sponsorship can be a somewhat ambiguous and awkward topic but Caitlyn eased the unspoken worry surrounding the idea. By recognizing John, her pivotal sponsor, she eloquently explained that she wouldn’t be where she was, as easily, without his assistance and leadership. She stressed the difference between a mentor and a sponsor and made us think deeply about not only the need to ask for help when needed, but to always be grateful and appreciative of those who will go to bat for you.

She described her personal mantra:  1) Fully commit to things you do by keeping “both feet in,” always move forward and never stay stagnant by sticking to her slogan “sink or swim,” the third is to always be mindful of the way you treat others and enhance corporate culture – “got your back.” When she referenced her mantra she encouraged us to consider making our own based on what we value and believe in.

This philosophy struck an unbelievably interesting conversation among the Fellows. It was interesting to share my opinions and hear a diverse set of opinions. Everyone contributed a different point of view and gave all topics discussed depth and perspective. It was a pleasure to have Caitlyn visit us and we were grateful to hear from such a successful and admirable woman. This was a great kick off to our spring Center for Women and Business Fellowship and we look forward to the upcoming events!

Thank you,

Erika Garcia

Dynamic Women in Business Conference



This week some of the CWB Fellows attended Harvard’s Dynamic Women in Business Conference. This year’s theme, “Shaping The Next 25,”challenged our students to stretch their vision of the future and determine how they can make incremental changes today to ensure continued long-term progress. Furthermore, the theme reminded them that the future belongs to all of us—men and women alike. “Shaping The Next 25” is a call to move beyond viewing these challenges as solely a women’s issue, and instead embrace them as an issue belonging to everyone.

Student Fellows: Please write a 1-2 paragraph reflection of the event. This may include your thoughts, opinions, aspects you particularly liked or how it impacted you, your studies, your plans, etc.

Mentoring Session with Caitlyn Truong

Trish and Caitlyn

(Pictured above to the left is Trish Foster, Program Director of the CWB, and next to her on the right is Caitlyn Truong, our PwC guest speaker)

This afternoon the CWB had the pleasure of welcoming Caitlyn Truong to campus to hold a mentoring session with all of our Student Fellows. Caitlyn currently works as a Partner at PwC, and during the session offered personal experiences and advice.

Student Fellows: Please write a 1-2 paragraph reflection of the event. This may include your thoughts, opinions, aspects you particularly liked or how it impacted you, your studies, your plans, etc.


Historian Erika Garcia’s Excitement about the Fellowship Program and Group Members




When I was first learned about the Center of Women and Business’s spring Fellowship program, I was overwhelmed with hope. Hope for change, hope for knowledge, and hope for growth and equality. Since Bentley University is predominantly known for business and its corporate culture, we are prepped and primed in most aspects in order to maximize our academic and skilled intelligence. What this Fellowship allows is the opportunity to build and nurture our emotional and humanitarian intelligence. To grow, teach and learn from everyone around you. A skill vital for not only surviving in the workplace, but let’s face it, just being an overall good and well-rounded person.

As an eccentric young woman, I have faced a variety of tribulations from those who’d benefit from keeping me in my assigned social gender role. Not allowing that to happen and always pushing the envelope is what encouraged me to want to be one of the two Historians for the Center of Women and Business’s spring Fellowship. In this role, I will work closely with the center, my fellow historian and dear friend Katie, and my peers in order to articulate our findings and thoughts as accurately as possible.

My peers and I look forward to hearing from the four men that, commendably, are coming into this program with the most open of minds yet fierce and substantiated opinions, like the rest of us. Their voices add dimension to important issues in the corporate environment and give us such insightful perception. The combination of men and women in the Fellowship make the most optimal and genuine of experiences. Fellow, historian, mentor, or director; all those touched by these conversations will be forever probed into thinking differently and stimulated into being more inclusive and well-rounded human beings, including myself!

Historian Katie Hughes’ Excitement about the Fellowship Program and Group Members


katie hughes

The opportunity to form new friendships and learn from such a prestigious group of women seemed like the primary reason for the formation of the 2016 Fellowship. The ability to learn a wealth of knowledge in such a short amount of time gives the fellowship a period to reflect. This program is two sided, meaning that the mentors want feedback from the students just as the students want to learn from the mentors, and this gives ample opportunity for growth on both sides of the Fellowship.

Encouraging men to join the Fellowship will offer a different perspective on the issues that are discussed throughout the program. In order to get the most out of this program students are encouraged to reflect upon the events and discussions. Being able to digest the information and relate it to our lives is an important aspect of the program. A goal of the Fellowship is to broaden our horizons with the struggles that often go overlooked, and bringing these main issues to the forefront and encouraging conversation about these topics will only increase our understanding. Becoming well versed in the critical issues at hand will better prepare us for the working world.

I, as well as many other fellows, look forward to gaining insights on these issues. Having these dynamic partnerships with powerful women from such successful corporations will only expand our learning. The opportunities that can come from this Fellowship are endless. Each fellow will gain something different from the experience but in the end the common outcome will be how women can advance in the workforce.