26th Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference


On Saturday, February 25th the Fellows traveled to Harvard Business School to participate in this inspiring conference. The theme of this year’s conference was “Women, Empowered,” and our Fellows certainly felt empowered after attending.

Fellows, please comment on why you think there is an issue with women feeling empowered in the workplace. Also, please share about a person who has empowered you throughout your academic or career experiences.


Dresses to Dreams 2017


On Saturday, February 18th, the Bentley LaCava Conference Center was transformed into a dress boutique, and hundreds of high school girls from the Greater Boston area joined the Fellows and the Dresses to Dreams (D2D) team for a day of fashion, inner beauty, and empowerment. Every year D2D and the Center for Women and Business host these young women on the Bentley campus as they attend inspiring workshops and speakers, participate in hair and makeup tutorials, and get to choose the dress of their dreams for their prom! To find out more about D2D, please check them out on social media, and read some of their news coverage via the links below.

D2D on Facebook   D2D on Instagram   D2D on Twitter

Chipotle Fundraiser Coverage     WCAC Segment Photo Gallery     2016 Event Coverage   2016 Event Blog

Fellows, after spending they day with these awesome high school students, tell us one thing you wished you had known before going to college, and how it would have helped you after arriving to campus.


Thriving In Business – Insights from Successful Women

On Tuesday February 7th, the Bentley campus joined Alpha Kappa Psi for a panel featuring women with 4+ years of work experience at highly respected organizations. Panel participants, including Bentley alumni, commented on their unique and impactful experiences as women with successful careers.

Fellows, please comment on this post with 2 important pieces of advice that you took away from this panel. Please describe what your takeaways were, and how you can incorporate them in your academic or professional career.

Welcome to the 2017 CWB Fellowship

15589592_10154760583448286_4749572104202548976_n Welcome! My name is Amanda McCormick and I am thrilled to be the historian for this year’s Center for Women and Business Fellowship. I am a senior at Bentley majoring in Marketing and Media Arts & Society. I am originally from Fairfield, Connecticut, but have loved calling Boston my home for the last 4 years,

The CWB is such a wonderful resource for the Bentley community. I have personally had the pleasure of working with the center on a project that I’m so passionate about – Dresses to Dreams. D2D is a program run by Bentley students and the CWB that aims to help underprivileged young women in the Greater Boston area. After having such a positive experience with D2D, I wanted to stay as involved as I could with the CWB. This led me to the Fellowship, and now this post!

Throughout the semester we will be posting content to show you all this program has to offer. To follow along, don’t forget to check out our other social channels!

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– Amanda

Historian Katie’s Reflection on Janice DiPietro’s Mentoring Session


Janice DiPietro, A Bentley University alumni, offered a wealth of knowledge in multiple areas of service. Her diverse background allowed many of the Fellows to connect with her on various levels. Janice has taken advantage of the opportunities presented to her throughout life and her career, but has faced hardships along the way. She expressed her frustration about a time when she was not allowed to join the men in the lounge after dinner to discuss business. Everyone was surprised to hear about a meeting where a gentleman refused to address her directly or even look at her – he would only address her male business partner. “Being yourself” was a central theme to Janice’s advice and personal stories. She expressed how important it has been for her to make both her family and business a priority, and the challenges that come with this ambition. Janice always did what she felt was right not only for herself, but for her family as well. The group discussed a series of TV commercials that are part of a greater movement to raise awareness about gender stereotypes and unconscious bias. The Pantene commercial demonstrated how the same characteristics that would describe a man as a “boss” would describe a woman as “bossy.” All of these examples were eye-opening. She left us with eight takeaways, which are:

  • Follow your passions
  • Never stop learning
  • Do not be afraid to ask the question
  • Stand up for what you believe in
  • Live your life your way
  • No one defines you and your success but you
  • Take risks
  • Strive for equality – don’t make gender the issue

Janice encouraged all the Fellows to follow our dreams because we have limitless potential. Her success in the workforce is empowering, and leaves us striving for more.

Janice DiPietro’s Mentoring Session

janice dipietro

Janice DiPietro is the Founder and CEO of the Exceptional Leaders International (E.L.I) company. Driven by a passion for helping people and organizations succeed, Janice has successfully consulted with companies for over 25 years. She has experience in many diverse and complex industries, including technology, life sciences, and business services. Janice founded E.L.I. to channel that passion and experience in a powerful new way, bringing together an exceptional team of business veterans to guide organizations through their most critical transitions.

The CWB Student Fellows have the opportunity to sit with Janice and hear about her business experiences over the years, as well as ask her any questions that arise during discussion.

Student Fellows: Please write a 1-2 paragraph reflection of the event. This may include your thoughts, opinions, aspects you particularly liked or how it impacted you, your studies, your plans, etc.