BGxCOLLEGETOUR with Rachael Bozsik

In the BGxCollegtour event held by Phi Sigma Sigma and HerCampus Rachael Bozsik presented on the topic of professional confidence. She is the CEO and founder of The Brand Girls, a company focused on developing the confidence needed for women to accomplish their career goals through a series of classes and consulting. She adds a... Continue Reading →


The Vagina Monologues

"An Obie Award-winning whirlwind tour of a forbidden zone, The Vagina Monologues introduces a wildly divergent gathering of female voices, including a six-year-old girl, a septuagenarian New Yorker, a vagina workshop participant, a woman who witnesses the birth of her granddaughter, a Bosnian survivor of rape, and a feminist happy to have found a man who 'liked... Continue Reading →

Article Response 5

This McKinsey report shows that the correlation between diversity and financial performance is quite strong in companies of all sizes and across all industries. The research shows that when ethnic, gender, and cultural diversity are integral parts of the company culture their will be a positive shift in measures such as profitability. Fellows: Please... Continue Reading →

Article Response 4

In this Washington Post article, Jessica Gross offers another perspective on the meaning and purpose of the word "sorry". Complemented with studies from linguists such as Deborah Tannen and other authors this article shines light on why women at the say sorry at the workplace. It will show you how "communication is a complicated dance... Continue Reading →

Article Response 3

In this New York Times article, Anne - Marie Slaughter sheds light on how the work world is structured to favor the male gender. Women are often caught with this term coined as a "forced choice" which has sparked political change through legal action and even cultural change through social action. This has led to... Continue Reading →

Dassault Systemes Visit

On Friday, April 21st, the Fellows visited the Dassault Systemes corporate headquarters in Waltham, MA. The Fellows got to meet with members of the Dassault team and discuss their workplace policies, culture, advancement of women, diversity initiatives, and more. Fellows, please share one important initiative that the company has in place to alleviate gender issues.... Continue Reading →

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