Janice DiPietro’s Mentoring Session

Janice DiPietro is the Founder and CEO of the Exceptional Leaders International (E.L.I) company. Driven by a passion for helping people and organizations succeed, Janice has successfully consulted with companies for over 25 years. She has experience in many diverse and complex industries, including technology, life sciences, and business services. Janice founded E.L.I. to channel that... Continue Reading →


Historian Katie’s Reflection on Guilda Hilaire’s Mentoring Session

Guilda Hilaire is an inspiring and passionate leader in the workforce. Her previous work experiences at Johnson-and-Johnson, BCG and Liberty Mutual have helped shape her into the corporate leader she is today. The difference among the firms’ company cultures and representation of women in the workforce was a major topic that she spoke about. Coming... Continue Reading →

Article Review 4: “The Confidence Gap”

The Atlantic: "The Confidence Gap" By Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, May 2014 This article discusses the shortage of female confidence that appears to plague the American workforce and beyond. Top female leaders admit to self-doubt and a constant questioning of their own abilities. Katty Kay and Claire Shipman explore why this is such a... Continue Reading →

Article Review 2: “A Toxic Work World”

The New York Times: "A Toxic Work World" By Anne-Marie Slaughter, Sep. 18, 2015. This article focuses on the emphasis American culture puts on the 24/hr work day, and the affects on individuals and families. Undervalued work in certain industries such as childcare and elderly services is also discussed. Fellows: Please write a 2 paragraph review... Continue Reading →

Historian Erika’s Aspire to Lead review

Aspire to Lead was an event that was held and showcased by one the world’s leading and highly regarded service companies, PricewaterhouseCoopers, otherwise known as PwC. Its main goal was to dissect corporate gender equity and to discuss ways to further rising leader and motivate, hardworking college students. After attending this event, the Fellows and... Continue Reading →

Guilda Hilaire’s Empowering Mentoring Session

Guilda assumed her current position as the Associate Director of Marketing Operations at DigitasLBi earlier in 2015, where she exercises her deep expertise in digital, contemporary and classic marketing strategies that she built on the foundation of more than 10 years of marketing experience. Prior to joining DigitasLBi, Guilda has held management positions at companies... Continue Reading →

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