Dassault Systemes Visit

On Friday, April 21st, the Fellows visited the Dassault Systemes corporate headquarters in Waltham, MA. The Fellows got to meet with members of the Dassault team and discuss their workplace policies, culture, advancement of women, diversity initiatives, and more.

Fellows, please share one important initiative that the company has in place to alleviate gender issues. Also discuss how visiting a company in person gave you a different perspective on the topics we have discussed so far.


Perspective Event


On Thursday, April 6th, the Fellows joined Bentley’s SAGE (Students Advocating Gender Equality), and MoA (Men of Alliance) to gain a new perspective. Students were asked to attend this event with a fellow student of a different gender, race, or sexual orientation. Attendees read real scenarios out loud to one another and discussed their reactions while practicing active listening. Fellows, please share one impactful experience you had during this event.


Ellevate Annual Conference

On Sunday, April 2nd, prominent keynote speakers from the Center for Women and Business, Chief Advisory Services LLC, and Loomis & Sayles gathered to discuss women’s confidence in the workplace and how women can overcome many of the prominent issues they may face in their careers. This year’s conference theme was “Sorry Not Sorry,” which is all about women learning how to be confident and stop undermining themselves personally and professionally.

Fellows, please describe one issue you may face as a businesswoman and what you can do to overcome that. For the men, describe one issue your female coworker may face, and what you can do to help prevent or alleviate the issue.

Men Supporting Gender Equity with Wade Davis


On Thursday, March 30th the Bentley community was joined by former NFL player, Wade Davis. Davis spoke about gender identity, sexism, and his experience as a closeted professional athlete. Fellows, please give a key takeaway you had from this talk, and discuss why you think it’s important for public figures to use their platform to make a positive difference in this space.

Diversity in Tech: Addressing the Talent Pipeline and Workplace Culture

On Wednesday, March 29th, the Fellows attended this talk with speakers Danny Best (Dell EMC Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion), and Bentley CIS Professor Wendy Lucas. The focus of this talk was how to increase participation of minorities and women in technology-focused careers. Fellows, please share two key takeaways from this event, and also why you think it’s important in the case of the tech industry to have more women and minority participants.

Men As Allies Roundtable


On Tuesday, March 28th, the Fellows came together with key male figures who are helping to improve the professional environment for women on and off the Bentley campus. The discussion led us to think about this mostly women-focused topic from a different perspective, and understand why men must play an important role in solving this issue. Fellows, please share something new you learned from this discussion, how you believe men can best make a difference for this cause, and any other key takeaways you’d like to address.

Mentor Circle with Jane Steinmetz


On Tuesday, February 28th, Jane Steinmetz met with the Fellows to discuss her exciting career path as a successful woman.

As a principal at Ernst & Young, Jane leads the EY national indirect tax practice for the financial services industry. She is also the EY New England Market Leader for financial services, leading a talented group of approximately 600 professionals within the assurance, advisory and tax service lines.

Fellows, please share why you think you are prepared to be a successful leader in the workplace. If this isn’t the career path you’re looking towards, share what you think makes a great leader based on your academic and work experiences, as well as this mentor circle.