Mentor Circle with Jodi-Tatiana Charles

IMG_5615.JPGOn Tuesday February 14th, the Fellows met with Jodi-Tatiana Charles, a well-accomplished marketing professional from the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

Fellows, please comment on one major discussion topic that was most applicable to you. Please tell us what new understanding you came away with, and how you can incorporate this in your future career.


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  1. I loved this talk with Jodi. She was extremely motivating, inspiring and overall just an awesome person. She mentioned a great deal of worthwhile advice to apply to my future career and my life in general. But what I took away most from Jodi was her advice about proving others wrong. Her line was “when someone says you can’t, go do it”. She talked about her Oprah Winfrey story and how after 3.5 years of commitment, she got Oprah on her show even when everyone told her that was crazy. This story stuck with me because it shows what a little hard work and dedication can do. I hope that I can prove people wrong throughout my career with the work I do and I hope that I can accomplish something like Jodi did with Oprah!



  2. I really liked being able to participate in this talk with Jodi. After it I found myself being motivated to be the best I can be because as she said “I am worth it”. I particularly really liked the part where she talked about not hearing what others have to say and keeping people around who will complement you. I really appreciated that insight because it is something that I have just realized in my life both personally and academically. In the past I have struggled with negative people in my life who at the time made me into a negative person. I have slowly come to realize that the only people who are worthwhile having by your side are those people that care for you and your successes. So when Jodi started talking about this I felt a really strong connection to what she was saying and it become so much more apparent to me that I still have to do some work in order to get to a place were I surround myself with people who benefit me. I need to learn how not to surround myself with voices and in order to so so I can’t be afraid. So this talk gave me the motivation not to be afraid!



  3. Jodi was awesome. She was so transparent and full of energy – it was an inspiring pick-me-up during a long Tuesday. She gave us all sorts of tips regarding both our personal and professional lives. One tip that stuck out to me (although I know I will be applying much of what she said to my life) was the idea of not only stepping into the uncomfortable/unknown, but embracing it until it is comfortable. Everyone fails, but as long as we don’t quit, we can turn our failures into long term lessons and successes. By putting ourselves in unfamiliar situations, we will learn and observe so much more than if we just follow the same routine day after day. As I continue into a career into the business world, I plan to remember that every ‘first’ can seem nerve-wracking, but that conquering these things will expand my skill set and increase my confidence. I hope to break down barriers and do what others say I cannot (another point Jodi made), and that the by placing myself in (and overcoming) uncomfortable situations, I will grow as a person, which will do nothing but aid me as I carve my life and career path.

    – Jordan


  4. I really enjoyed this talk with Jodi! It was especially refreshing to hear from someone who didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do after high school or during college. Her constant desire to learn and her upbeat attitude really resonated with me and made me feel like I should continue to pursue what I am passionate about. I liked how she talked about work life balance because i feel like that is something I am constantly trying to achieve even at school (balancing friends, work, extra curricular and school work). I know this is something that I will have to be careful about in the future so I am glad that she gave us that advice. Especially in my future career, not being afraid to be myself, and asking for help was great advice and I know I will take that with me wherever I go.


  5. This event with Jodi was absolutely amazing and inspiring. I truly enjoyed everything that she had to say and her enthusiasm along the way. Everything that she mentioned was relatable and are things that almost everyone – or at least every college student – experiences and has questions about.

    There was one specific thing that Jodi said that really tied everything together for me and that was, “There’s nothing you can’t do to get to where you want to be.” I think a lot of the things she mentioned fell under this – whether it be taking every opportunity, “bouncing back” when you fail, balancing both your professional and personal life, finding something you’re passionate about and owning it, being comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable, or just making sure to not let other people’s voices distract you from what you really want. As a student and a child raised in an Asian home, I am put under a lot of pressure to excel and be successful at what I do. Along the way, I get lost by focusing too much on my end goal rather than taking the time to reflect and actually take in the moment. Sometimes, because I’m so influenced by what others have to say, I don’t take certain opportunities, put myself in uncomfortable situations, or let them impact my decisions.

    After this discussion with Jodi, I’ve been inspired to be more confident in myself and my abilities as well as living life to the fullest so that I can be the best version of myself. Moving forward, I hope to take every opportunity given to me and be content with all that I choose to do so that I don’t live my life with regrets.

    We were all fortunate enough to have Jodi come in to talk to us and I could not be more satisfied with what I got out of this event.


  6. This mentor circle was truly inspirational and a fantastic learning experience! One of the major takeaways that I got from today was the idea of putting your own oxygen mask on first. I loved this analogy and could see it being very applicable to my life. I was brought up to make sure that I always went out of my way to help other people (which is something that everyone should do), but there is a line that could be crossed if you do this too much. If you take care of other people too much then you can’t take care of yourself to the fullest potential. Whether this means standing up for yourself or choosing not to do something it is important to put yourself first and listen to your intuition. Too often I get wrapped up in listening to other people instead of tuning into myself. This was very helpful and going forward I plan to definitely put my oxygen mask on first.


  7. This mentor circle was so inspiring and left me feeling much more motivated and excited about my career prospects.
    Jodi’s discussion of the importance of defining your own life really resonated with me. Jodi spoke about standing out in a workplace by focusing on the skills you excel at most, and doing those really well. This strategy will lead to more success, and ultimately afford you the flexibility to define your own life. I think the idea of becoming the person that’s known for being exceptional at one or a few things would be a really gratifying way to fulfill a career.
    I have already gone to some lengths to identify my greatest strengths and weaknesses, especially in searching for internship opportunities. However, I have also spent much of my undergrad career with many different focuses in terms of my work, and on-campus leadership experience. This has been a great way to learn about many different topics, and I think Jodi would agree that there’s no downside to this. However, as I look towards full time job applications I will try to focus on opportunities that hone in on my strongest interests and skill sets.

    – Amanda McCormick


  8. The mentor circle with Jodi was very inspiring and I left feeling as though I gained great insight into what makes a person become the most successful they can be. It was eye opening to hear Jodi talk about the fact that there are “12 football fields of things she’s not good at” but she has one thing she’s really good at, and that is what she focuses on. That statement allowed me to see myself in a whole new light, because for so long I have always thought that in order to be successful, I need to turn my weaknesses into strengths. However, after listening to Jodi speak, I have learned that in order to in fact be successful, I just have to perfect my strengths and use those to get me far in life. Another topic that Jodi spoke about was the idea of there being “too much noise.” I found this to be very relatable in my life since I think I often struggle with all the different voices and opinions being spewed at me. One of the biggest lessons I will take away from Jodi is to take care of myself first and listen to my inner voice and not let other people discourage me from doing what it is I am really passionate about. I am honored to have had the opportunity to listen to Jodi speak and am excited to put the lessons I learned from her into action in my life.

    -Lauren Schmidt


  9. Jodi was amazing! Her bubbly personality is infectious and her speech was inspiring. One of the topics that most resonated with me was the discussion on decision making. Decisions can be easy. They can also be difficult. And for some, like me, even the easiest of decisions can become difficult. I realized that this shouldn’t be the case, and therefore my biggest takeaway was to make decisions that are best for me, which includes choosing the best people as my support system, and ignoring noise that distracts me from focusing on my goals. This is not an astounding piece of advice, but it was one that I needed to hear.

    I do a poor job of putting myself first, as well as tuning into what I know is the right decision, so getting the reminder of “oxygen on yourself first” before helping others sent me a strong signal to change that. I plan to take a minute to think about whether a potential choice will benefit me or deter me from my goals. This could be anything from what to eat for lunch to which internship best fits my skills. Using this statement to evaluate my decisions may not make them easier, but I know that it will help lead me to better outcomes than I would arrive at otherwise.

    – Dana


  10. This mentor circle with Jodi-Tatiana Charles was a truly inspirational and motivational discussion. Through her wide range of experiences, she had so much insight and advice to offer every person in the room.

    What resonated with me the most was her advice to consistently challenge yourself and go outside of your comfort zone. I firmly believe this as well, as the area outside of your comfort zone is where you have the most potential to grow and learn. Being open to new and challenging situations brings a new perspective into your daily life, both personal and professional. From my own experience going out of my comfort zone, I found I was more capable of time management and prioritization than I believed I was before.

    Ms. Charles gave many examples of how she challenged herself throughout her career, and how they were always worth it. Even when she failed, she gained a lesson from the experience, which prepared her for future opportunities and challenges.

    It was a great pleasure to listen to her speak, and I know I will carry her words of wisdom with me moving forward.

    – Lia Golick


  11. I absolutely loved this mentor round table session. Jodi was such an amazing role model for me. I loved her energy and passion for learning. It was very encouraging to see someone who was so enthusiastic about life and growth and hearing her story was inspiring and empowering.

    Her advice to focus on the one football field she is amazing at instead of the 12 football fields she is doesn’t know much about and is not that great at really stuck with me. She told us to “define what you are great at doing, and wherever you go do that,” and I took this as a further invitation to focus on utilizing my top five strengths in areas that I thrive in in order to give myself the best chance to make an impact on others. It was really awesome to see such an strong, accomplished, and motivated woman to tell us to focus on what we are good at that we enjoy doing and do naturally.

    I also really appreciated her continuous repetition of her belief that you should share your knowledge with others and not just keep it to yourself which is why she enjoys giving talks and sharing her wisdom through experiences. Some golden nuggets she shared that stood out to me was to “think differently,” “when anyone says you can’t do something – you gotta do it,””do things to challenge yourself,” and “don’t listen to too many people and the noise around you.”

    I am a self-growth junkie and strive to utilize every opportunity to learn, develop, and grow and through sharing her story, Jodi inspired me to continue to do things that scare me, push myself outside my comfort zone, and “be a rockstar in my own world.”

    -Lauren Davis


  12. There were two really important ideas that Jane brought to us at the mentor circle. When talking about her own career and life, she mentioned some of the things that we need to keep in mind when working in order to be successful or live the life we want. The first topic she brought up was that we always need to be on the lookout for opportunities. When an opportunity comes your way, take it. She told us about how she had been skeptical to take a new job or a new positions because she was not always sure if it was the right thing to do at the time. However, by looking at these changes as new opportunities she was able to convince herself that she should be going after them. These new experiences led her to become more successful in her career.

    The second piece of advice that I think was very important that Jodi spoke about was that you should give yourself at least one full year of “why not?” This is a really good thing that everyone should do because it helps you to figure out what you truly enjoy doing and what you may not enjoy doing. By letting yourself to be completely open to any experience and trying out as much as you can, it can lead to a higher sense of purpose and passion for certain things.

    Jodi was a very inspiring speaker and it was great to hear her story.


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